Shon’s Wedding & Events Partners Receives Website Upgrade
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Shon’s Wedding & Events Partners Receives Website Upgrade

New website offers leading-edge design and UI

HUMBLE, TEXAS, APRIL 26, 2021 – As they say, the third time’s the charm, and in the case of Shon’s Wedding & Events website design, this couldn’t be more true. The owner of Shon’s Wedding & Events attempted to create her website herself but decided to outsource help. When this fell through, she turned to Discover Web Solutions, LLC.

The team at Discover Web Solutions, LLC, led by founder Rosendo Reyna, offers a wide range of website design and application development services. They routinely join forces with businesses of all sizes and scopes to help them build leading-edge, budget friendly online presences. When Shon’s Wedding & Events contacted them, Reyna and his team sprang into action.

Their team conducted an initial consultation with the Shon’s Wedding & Events team and discovered that their website needed an overhaul. After creating a detailed action plan and blueprint, Discover Web Solutions, LLC, went to work on their website.

Now, the Shon’s Wedding & Events website features cutting-edge UI including an easy to navigate interface and sharp imagery. Anyone who visits the website can learn more by browsing through the ‘Services’, ‘Galleries’, and ‘About’ pages, where they’ll likely find most of the answers they are looking for. The ‘Contact’ page gives prospective clients a quick way to touch base. The Shon’s Weddings & Events website is not only beautiful, but it’s a tool designed to help the company gain more SEO and organic traction.

Currently, Shon’s Wedding & Events is accepting new clients. More information can be found at Shon’s Wedding and Events.

Details on Discover Web Solutions, LLC, are available at Discover Web Solutions.

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Discover Web Solutions, LLC launched in 2007 and continues to deliver premier, cutting-edge website design and application development services backed by world-class customer care.


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