With more people using mobile devices, it is important that your website resizes according to the size of the screen on your desktop, tablet or phone.

One Webiste for all Devices

Today there are mobile websites and responsive websites. A mobile website is a separate website from the main website, and updates would be separate.

With a responsive website, only one website is created, and only one website will need updating. As a result, it takes less time for editing, and it is easier to optimize for search engines.

If you choose to optimize your website for desktop, table and phone, we offer the following services:

  • Design one website
  • Update one website
  • Layout detects screen size and arranges the content, forms and media so that they appear better on a desktop, tablet or phone
  • Desktop - The default layout is for desktop
  • Tablet - The layout resizes to different sized tablets
  • Phones - The layout resizes to different sized phones


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