Houstons LalaVisitors can see pictures and interviews, as well as read Lala’s biography and more at new website

HOUSTON, TEXAS, JULY 16, 2018 - The Lala’s World website has officially launched, giving people everywhere a single online platform for learning more about this popular Houston personality.

Lala is a bilingual television and radio host, and one of the only women in Texas to both host and produce her own TV show. The show, Lala’s World, is in its eighth season on cable and YouTube. In addition, Lala has just began DJing from 10am-2pm on the Puro Tejano in Houston, Texas.

Lala has had the opportunity to interview a number of celebrities and interesting people, such as Brandon Brooks (NFL Houston Texans player). With her new website, Lala is offering a simple place where fans and followers can check out her latest interviews and more. Full-length video interviews have been published on the Lala’s World website.

Texas insurance leader makes it easy for individuals and businesses to insure assetsLee Insurance Agency’s Freshly Updated Website Features Quick Quote Options and More

HUMBLE, TEXAS, JULY 2, 2018 - Lee Insurance Agency has just made their freshly updated website live, meaning that prospective clients can now find out more about the premier Texas insurer simply by visiting the Lee Insurance Agency website.

The newly designed website offers a new and updated aesthetic appeal and greets prospective clients with an easy-to-use interface. Visitors can peruse personal insurance options such as auto, watercraft, flood, homeowners, motorcycle, and life, and business insurance coverage solutions including agriculture, commercial auto, property, group health insurance, bonds, and more directly from the Lee Insurance Agency homepage.

One new feature makes it simple for prospective clients to inquire about rates. The “Request a Quick Quote” feature is a custom-built portal where visitors simply enter a few minor details and receive a custom quote. On the back end, when the company receives a request, a Lee Insurance Agency agent takes a close look at the information provided, completes the quote process, and contacts the recipient with their custom quote.

Teachers and students can learn more about Texoma NATS, student auditions, and more via redesigned siteTexoma National Association of Teachers of Singing Debuts Leading-Edge Updated Website

WACO, TEXAS, JUNE 25, 2018 - The Texoma National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) recently debuted their newly updated website, which offers leading-edge infrastructure designed to better reach teachers and students interested in learning more about the organization and the programs it offers.

The update included a myriad of new features designed to make the Texoma NATS website a more secure, user-friendly, accessible portal. Now, visitors can browse the Texoma NATS website from any handheld device. In addition, the website has been optimized to include search engine-friendly links. Those SEO-optimized links mean that people searching for the Texoma NATS can more easily find the website and its pages.

Recently launched website offers everything Greater Houston homeowners need for scheduling window cleaning, pressure washing, and moreHoustonian Services Inc. Website Connects Visitors with Service Details, Live Customer Service, and More

HOUSTON, TEXAS, JUNE 4, 2018 - Houstonian Services Inc. has just launched their brand new website, and through the new website, visitors can learn about all the services offered by Houstonian Services Inc.

The Houstonian Services Inc. staff proudly offers services including window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and stain and sealing. All services are backed by the height of customer care, as well as by transparent, fixed-rate pricing.

The company’s new website was created by Discover Web Solutions, a local web development and digital marketing agency that helps small and medium sized businesses get the most traction possible from their online presences by implementing leading-edge technology.

Company has offices around the world offering numerous aeronautics servicesLone Star Group Launches Flashy Website Detailing their Aeronautics Specialties

HOUSTON, TEXAS, MAY 31, 2018 - Lone Star Group has just unveiled their brand new website, which offers a central hub where prospective and current clients alike can learn more about the company’s dynamic offerings.

The company has offices around the U.S. and the world in Canada, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and soon in China, as well. This pioneering aeronautical firm offers a wide range of solutions and specializes in acquisition, sale, leasing, repair, and refurbishment of commercial and corporate aircraft and helicopters. In addition, Lone Star Group manages overhauls and repairs for commercial, corporate, and helicopter engines on behalf of its clients.

The Lone Star Group’s new website offers the face of the company’s online presence. Through this brand new website, visitors can learn more about Lone Star Group’s services and history. In addition, visitors can seamlessly contact Lone Star Group by using the website’s built-in contact form.

Lone Star Group’s website can be viewed across numerous devices, thanks to its responsive design.

The design was carried out by Discover Web Solutions, a Texas-based web design and digital marketing company focused on helping small and medium sized businesses gain major traction in the digital ecosystem. With their new website, Lone Star Group can easily be found online on major search engines such as Google.

When visitors come to the website, they are greeted by a streamlined design that makes is easy to use. More information about Lone Star Group can be found at  Lone Star Group. More information about the web developer behind the website can be found at Discover Web Solutions.

New website offers information about Boondogglers’ services, as well as recipes and storiesBoondogglers Launches Website for Nashville-Area Fishing and Hunting Guide Services

MANCHESTER, TENNESSEE, MAY 21, 2018 - The team at Boondogglers has just announced the launch of their brand new website, which seamlessly connects visitors with a wealth of information about the company’s services. In addition, when visitors come to the Boondogglers website, they can share and explore stories and recipes with an emphasis on hunting and fishing.

Boondoggling is a term meaning “to do something of little value merely to keep or look busy”, and the team at Boondogglers sees hunting and fishing as a relaxing way to get away from the daily grind. The three friends who launched the company are now sharing their expertise with others who want to boondoggle.

“We developed this website to assist with making your boondoggle a success,” said the team at Boondogglers. “We can assist with finding the right person that will increase your chances at a successful boondoggle.”

The website serves as a hub where boondogglers can find tips on hunting, fishing, and RVing, as well as recipes. Soon, the Boondogglers website will even offer a shop with hats and jackets.

Visitors are encouraged to submit their photos, which are featured in the website gallery, as well as their stories and recipes that they’d like to share with other boondogglers. At the end of the day, the “virtual log cabin” is a meeting place for like-minded outdoors enthusiasts who want to share their experiences and hear about what others have experienced out in nature.

The Boondogglers website was created by Discover Web Solutions, a Texas-based web design and marketing firm that proudly works with small and medium sized businesses. The new website has been created with a streamlined, easy-to-use design that can be easily viewed from a myriad of devices. Details about the agency can be found at Discover Web Solutions.

More information about Nashville-area fishing and hunting guide services is available at The Boondoggler.

Fans can follow Teel and learn about his current galleries and events via freshly designed websiteHouston Artist Joe Teel Debuts New Website

HOUSTON, TEXAS, MAY 21, 2018 - Houston-based artist Joe Teel has just debuted his brand new website, which offers fans and followers a brand new outlet to find Teel’s latest galleries and events.

Teel is a 5th generation Texan and engineer by trade. His love for art began as a child, when he’d sketch house plans and imaginary cities. During his career, he found himself drawn to art galleries and museums across the country. Soon, Teel found that he most enjoyed impressionism, pointillism, and surrealistic arts. Teel decided to challenge himself by taking art classes with Houston instructors. Now, he’s unveiling his own art to the world.

Teel’s art weaves together various artistic tools ranging from pencils and watercolors to acrylics and oils. His love for vibrant colors has become one way fans know his work by sight.

Through Teel’s newly launched website, fans can find out more about his works. They can find out more about Teel by reading his biography; they can see his exceptional galleries; and they can find out which events Teel will be at.

Teel’s website was created by local web design company Discover Web Solutions, and it can be easily viewed from any device. The website was made with an elegant design that accentuates Teel’s artworks.

Through the website, visitors can also contact Teel directly.

Teel continues to add new artwork to the website, and all his originals are available in prints of various sizes. Visitors can peruse categories including photography, geometrics, abstract, and more.

Details about Teel’s artwork and events can be found at JWTS Art. More information about the web developer is available at Discover Web Solutions.

New Humble spa offers everything for ultimate relaxation and beauty needsde Hita Skin Care & Med Spa Offers One-Stop Beauty and Rejuvenation

HUMBLE, TEXAS, MAY 21, 2018 - With the launch of de Hita Skin Care & Med Spa, Humble residents have a brand new, one-stop place to get all of their beauty needs catered to. The spa offers an impressive menu of services, including facials, microneedling, anti-aging, acne treatment, Botox, and more.

In addition, the spa also includes the offerings of two other beauty businesses: Sparkle Positivity and Uno Beauty.

Sparkle Positivity offers an amazing range of hair care options, such as extensions, and Uno Beauty’s selection of services includes eyelashes, waxing, nail care, and skin care.

Together, these three businesses offer full-service beauty under one roof.

The de Hita Skin Care website offers information about all three businesses, meaning that current and prospective clients alike can easily visit the website and learn more. For instance, the website offers full service menus for de Hita Skin Care & Med Spa, Sparkle Positivity, and Uno Beauty - all in one place.

In addition, the website’s visitors can learn more about the background of de Hita Skin Care, as well as find all the contact information they need to schedule an appointment or ask questions. The website was created by locally-owned Discover Web Solutions, a prominent web developer whose clientele includes numerous Texas-based small to medium sized businesses. The new website was designed to be sleek and easy to use across a myriad of devices. Details about the web developer are available at Discover Web Solutions.

Veteran therapy professional Elsa Pietrantoni offers specialized, integrative services in Puerto Ordaz, VenezuelaTerapias Regresivas

PUERTO ORDAZ, VENEZUELA, APRIL 16, 2018 - Terapias Regresivas (Regressive Therapy) has just debuted a brand new website where people can come to learn more about professional therapy expert Elsa Pietrantoni’s specialized therapy services.

Terapias Regresivas is located in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela. Pietrantoni specializes in therapy that expertly fuses psychological modalities with integrative ones. For instance, clients can take advantage of dance-based therapy and spiritual-based therapy.

Pietrantoni holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and has practiced for more than 25 years. Her career includes experience in entity release, alchemical hypnotherapy, emotional release, and reconnective therapy.

She now uses her expertise to deliver services for her clients, including reconnective healing, couples therapy, communication in etheric plane, and more.

The new website for Terapias Regresivas was created by Discover Web Solutions, a Texas-based web development company specializing in helping small and medium sized businesses successfully brand themselves. The website is a portal where clients and prospective clients can learn more about everything the practice offers, as well as the theory behind the therapies.

The website’s visitors can find Pietrantoni’s contact information, along with her background and career history.

With a website that accurately depicts the precise therapies she offers, as well as how to get in touch with Pietrantoni for questions and appointments, visitors can quickly gather the exact information they are looking for.

The new website will make it easy for people in and around Puerto Ordaz to tap into Pietrantoni’s 25 years of experience and resolve the conflict they feel in their lives. Whether that means marriage counseling or therapy involving communicating with past love ones, Terapias Regresivas leaves everything on the table when it comes to helping clients.

Customers can now take advantage of convenient features at Humble-Transport.comHumble Transport’s New Website Offers Instant Booking

HUMBLE, TEXAS, APRIL 11, 2018 - Humble Transport offers cost-effective transportation for customers looking to travel in the greater Houston area. The company has just announced the launch of their brand new website, which makes instant booking an effortless task.

At the core of Humble Transport’s leading-edge taxi transportation services is a digital dispatch system with GPS that ensures the best response times. Customers can experience spacious, comfortable transportation in one of the Humble Transport sedans or minivans. Each vehicle features a digital camera to ensure safety. Wheelchair vehicles are available upon request.

Humble Transport offers around-the-clock taxi cab transportation services backed by first-in-class customer care. All Humble Transport drivers are fully insured, licensed, and trained professionals with a penchant for providing exceptional customer experiences.

The company’s service area includes Kingwood, Humble, Atascocita, New Caney, Porter, Huffman, Summerwood, Foxwood, and the surrounding areas. Customers looking for transportation to Houston destinations such as Minute Maid Park, the Houston Zoo, Moody Gardens, the Houston Theater District, and downtown hotels can rely on Humble Transportation to bring them to and from their destinations with punctuality, safety, and cost-effectiveness in mind.

The Humble Transport website is a user-friendly interface where customers can easily read about the company’s services, background, and service area while taking advantage of convenient instant online booking.

The website was created by Discover Web Solutions, a Texas-based web development company that has worked with numerous local companies to structure unsurpassed branding and local traffic by way of web design, app development, and more.


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