Cut It Live Makes Digital Media Move from Wix to Discover Web Solutions, LLC
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Cut It Live Makes Digital Media Move from Wix to Discover Web Solutions, LLC

Miami-based media marketing company moves to in-house servers

MIAMI, FLORIDA, OCTOBER 19, 2020 – Miami based entertainment marketing agency Cut It Live has made a transition from Wix to in-house servers at Discover Web Solutions, LLC. By making this move, Cut It Live has given its website extra layers of protection including enhanced security and uptime. In turn, this helps provide prospective and existing clients get the most from the Cut It Live website. 

Cut It Live offers its clients a variety of solutions for their entertainment management and marketing needs, including content creation, talent management, public relations, and content marketing. Cut It Live specializes in creating content such as promotional videos, podcasts, music videos, vlogs, and more to help get their clients the traction they need to be successful. 

A major part of the success at Cut It Live comes from their website. Through their website, Cut It Live is able to perform better in search engine results when prospective clients are looking for services such as theirs, and once prospects come to their website, their professionally designed and hosted website helps to engage and convert prospects to clients. 

Cut It Live decided to make a change in their servers that would yield the height of professionalism, and so they chose Discover Web Solutions, LLC, to help. Through the transition from Wix to Discover Web Solutions, LLC, in-house servers, Cut It Live is enjoying the added peace of mind in knowing that their website is being hosted with the height of professionalism and security. 

Discover Web Solutions, LLC, specializes in website development and hosting, as well as a list of other branding solutions for clients around the United States. More information about their services can be found at Discover Web Solutions, LLC.

Cut It Live is thrilled to offer a more secure and solid platform for their website. Further details can be found at Cut It Live.

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