Updates from Discover Web Solutions translate to a better experience for the website’s visitorsNAPTA

TEXAS CITY, TEXAS, FEBRUARY 6, 2018 - The team at Discover Web Solutions has just released a redesigned website for NAPTA, the North American Process Technology Alliance.

NAPTA is an industry leading organization dedicated to auditing PTEC degree programs in North America, endorsing those who meet their criteria. Several colleges across the country bear the prestigious NAPTA endorsement.

NAPTA partners with educational institutions to ensure that continuous advancement of process technology careers is happening in the United States. Through their audits and endorsements, NAPTA supports a qualified and diverse process technology talent pool that meets North America’s workforce needs.

The team at NAPTA recognized the need for an update to their website, and the enlisted the staff at Discover Web Solutions, a Texas-based web development company specializing in leading-edge website design and app development.

The web development team at Discover Web Solutions created an action plan for the updated website that included implementing SSL (secure socket layer) technology and a mobile friendly interface.

Now, visitors browsing from any device can access the NAPTA website with ease and entirety.

The freshly designed NAPTA website now offers an engaging homepage, an easy to use navigation, and everything that visitors need to know about NAPTA. For instance, the website offers tabs for educators, industry information, membership information, meeting details, learning resources, events, and more. Visitors can also learn about NAPTA curriculum, as well as find information about online subscription.

New website features streamlined design, easy-to-use navigation, and mobile responsivenessCureFest Website Gets a New Design Ahead of 2018 Music Festival Supporting Brain Cancer Research and Awareness

HUMBLE, TEXAS, JANUARY 15, 2018 - The CureFest website has received a makeover ahead of their upcoming music festival.

CureFest was launched to provide a fun music festival in Humble, Texas while promoting and raising awareness for brain cancer research. Brain cancer is one of the least funded cancers with the least awareness. Each year, the CureFest music festival gives people the chance to enjoy a fun music experience while helping raise research funds for brain cancer.

The new website design was spearheaded by Discover Web Solutions, a local web development company specializing in cutting-edge website design. The redesigned CureFest website features a streamlined design, user-friendly interface, and mobile responsiveness that allows the website to be seamlessly viewed across devices.

At the CureFest website, visitors can learn more about the event’s history, see the event’s sponsors, donate to the cause, find merchandise, read the latest news regarding CureFest, and get in touch with the CureFest team.

The new CureFest website design comes ahead of CureFest 2018, which will be held March 24, 2018, at the Humble Civic Arena. The event will feature live bands, vendor booths, a huge kids area, poker night, a live auction, a silent auction, and raffles. There will be food and fun for all, and kids under the age of 12 years old will be admitted for free.

New update also included optimization of images, search engine visibility, sitemap, and moreMega Mex Website Unveils Update with Enhanced Portions for Spanish Speakers


Mega Mex recently unveiled a brand new update for their website. The new updated includes multiple changes to the Spanish side of the site. For instance, many of the links which were previously broken have been resolved.

The Mega Mex website has also had its image tags updated, website speed tested, Google and Bing registrations verified, imaged optimized, and unnecessary code removed. The website’s sitemap .xml file was also updated.

Mega Mex launched in 1990 and continues to offer metal on demand for clients. Some of the company’s products include exotic stainless steels, nickel alloys, duplex stainless, super duplex, and other superalloys. Clients seeking pipe fittings, tube, weld wire, sheets, and other metal needs have relied on Mega Mex for years. The Humble, Texas-based company serves a great deal of Spanish-speaking clients, which increased the need for the updates to the Spanish side of the website.

Mega Mex chose to work with Discover Web Solutions, a local website development and marketing company. Through their partnership, the website has been updated and optimized to better serve the Spanish speaking community while being enhanced for visibility and use.

The Discover Web Solutions team also tested the website’s server and uploaded the updated website to the server.

Auto shop, church, day care, and funeral home insurance can now be found onlineLee Insurance Agency Launches Websites for Four Specialty Insurances

HUMBLE, TEXAS, NOVEMBER 28, 2017 - Lee Insurance Agency has announced the launch of four new websites, each of which offers a one-stop resource where prospects can learn more about niche insurance needs. The new websites offer a wealth of information about auto shop, church, day care, and funeral home insurance.

Lee Insurance Agency has offered top-notch insurance solutions since 1952. Working one-on-one with each client, the Lee Insurance Agency team helps clients find the best insurance products for their needs. Now, the company is proud to offer insurance for niches including auto shops, churches, day cares, and funeral homes.

Each of the new landing pages, which are available at http://www.autoshopinsurance.guru/, http://www.churchinsurance.guru/, http://www.daycareinsurance.guru/, and http://www.funeralhomeinsurance.guru/, offer in-depth information about the niche. In addition, prospective clients can learn about the company, read testimonials, and request a quote online.

Discover Web Solutions, a Texas-based web development and design company, spearheaded the creation of the new landing pages. The company is also working to manage Lee Insurance Agency’s social media accounts.

Each of the landing pages also received a specialty logo; each was created by Santos Graphic Design.

New website is designed to offer optimal user experience with easy-to-use navigation and moreInsulation JB

CONROE, TEXAS, NOVEMBER 28, 2017 - The team at Insulation JB has just launched their newly updated website. When visitors reach the Insulation JB website, they are now greeted with a streamlined interface that has been designed to deliver an optimal user experience.

Insulation JB offers a range of insulation solutions for homes, including fiberglass blowing and batting, Armaflex, insulation extraction, weatherization, radiant barrier drilling and filling, decking, cover lights, hot walls and soft floors, and more. In addition, the Insulation JB team offers commercial white or black vinyl insulation. The company has been serving customers for nearly three decades, backing their services with premium materials, craftsmanship, and warranties.

When Insulation JB decided to update their website, the company chose Discover Web Solutions. The experts at Discover Web Solutions provide a myriad of web development and marketing services for businesses of all sizes. In this instance, the Discover Web Solutions team crafted an updated website that includes a new look and feel.

The Insulation JB website’s domain was moved to Discover Web Solutions servers, along with the hosting services. Discover Web Solutions installed a new content management system (CMS) to ensure that Insulation JB can easily update their website on their terms. This also makes it easier for Discover Web Solutions to quickly update the website again, if needed.

New layout is optimized for desktop, tablet, and phoneJSC NMA

HOUSTON, TEXAS, NOVEMBER 27, 2017 - Johnson Space Center National Management Association Chapter 466 has announced the debut of their updated website, which is now streamlined and better equipped for display across a myriad of devices.

Johnson Space Center National Management Association Chapter 466 works to improve the personal and professional development of the American workforce by offering memberships that deliver transferable, valuable skills that can make workers more employable. “Because of this training, JSC is able to strengthen its cultures, truly integrate work teams, and cost-effectively train more people with considerably fewer dollars,” said the team at Johnson Space Center’s NMA team.

When it was time to update their website, NMA Chapter 466 partnered with Discover Web Solutions to identify the goals and needs of their team. For instance, the team wanted to ensure that they were reaching people seeking their services from various devices. In addition, NMA Chapter 466’s team wanted to offer a more streamlined website that made it easier for visitors to find the information they were looking for.

Discover Web Solutions delivered a sleekly updated website offering a layout that can be easily accessed from smartphones, tablets, and desktop devices. This updated layout is easy to navigate, featuring announcements, meeting information, resources, and contact information. In addition, visitors can learn about becoming a NMA member directly via the newly updated website.

Discover Web Solutions recently updated the Texas company’s websiteBlacksmith Art

CONROE, TEXAS, NOVEMBER 13, 2017 - Blacksmith Art recently unveiled a newly updated website, which features a sleek new design that makes it easy for people interested blacksmith and farrier custom designs to find out what Blacksmith Art can do for them.

Blacksmith Art was created by Christophe Van de Rostyne, a farrier professional who moved to Texas from Belgium. The company specializes in Belgium-style forging for American homes and delivers on this by way of their Houston startup.

The team at Blacksmith Art, which includes de Rostyne and his wife, specializes in window frames, door frames, fireplaces, and other custom metal works.

The company teamed up with Discover Web Solutions to ensure that their web presence was professionally delivered. As part of the partnership, Blacksmith Art expressed an interest in having some of their website’s features updated.

Discover Web Solutions went to work, smartly crafting a facelift that provides more than simply aesthetic improvements. While fresh graphics and a new layout have been injected into the Blacksmith Art website, the update has also yielded a faster website.

Now, when visitors go to the Blacksmith Art website, they are greeted with faster loading times, a sleek new layout, and standout graphics. The built-in gallery makes it easy for prospects to see the level of craftsmanship they can expect when they choose Blacksmith Art for their project.

Discover Web Solutions helps local roofing company create a more user-friendly experience for the website’s visitorsBrisbin Roofing Solutions Website Receives Facelift

HUMBLE, TEXAS, NOVEMBER 6, 2017 - Brisbin Roofing Solutions has unveiled a brand new look for their website. The new website has been re-designed to be a more user-friendly portal for prospective and existing clients of the local roofing company.

Brisbin Roofing Company has been serving the Humble, Texas, area with dynamic roofing solutions since the company launched ten years ago. Since 2012, Brisbin Roofing Company has worked with Discover Web Solutions for various web development needs. Now, Brisbin Roofing Company and Discover Web Solutions are proud to announce another exciting development in the company’s mission to deliver the height of excellence in customer service.

The fresh face of Brisbin Roofing Solutions has been created to be user-friendly. On the homepage, visitors can see a synopsis of the company’s history and projects. From the same page, prospective clients can also request a free, no-hassle quote for services.

The newly redesigned website also offers an array of information designed to help educate people and businesses about roofing. Some of these resources include a section called “Roof Anatomy” and another section called “Trouble Signs”.

Website now features a fresh face created by Discover Web SolutionsThe Woodlands Joint Powers Agency Unveils Newly Designed Website


The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency (WJPA) has just unveiled their freshly designed website, which features all-new navigation, interface, and design created by the team at Discover Web Solutions.

WJPA is the central management agency overseeing the 11 MUDs (Municipal Utility Districts) serving The Woodlands in Montgomery County. These services include water, distribution, wastewater collection, storm drainage, and tax collection. The WJPA provides local consumers with a single point for taking care many of their utilities while offering a world-class customer experience backed by reliable and knowledgeable professionals who are proud to serve.

According to Discover Web Solutions, the new website makes it even easier for local consumers to go online and take care of business with WJPA. The WJPA website’s redesign includes a responsive design that makes it simple for people to peruse the website from their favorite devices, including tablets and smartphones.

Discover Web Solutions has created a new website, including a new layout, graphics, and contentMajestic Transportation Services Gets Website Design Makeover


Houston limo and airport transportation company Majestic Transportation Services has just launched their brand new website design, which was designed and implemented by the team at Discover Web Solutions.

Majestic Transportation Services proudly offers Houston-area airport transfer, cruise line transfer, night out, prom limo, and wedding limo services. Offering ground transportation to and from all area airports and cruise terminals, Majestic Transportation Services has become a leading local transportation service. The company’s fleet includes options such as Lincoln Town Cars, the Lexus LS460, Mercedes Benz, a Hummer limo, party bus options, and a charter bus.

The new website design was created to help clients learn more about what the team at Majestic Transportation Services can do for them. When clients arrive at the newly designed website, they can easily peruse the options and services available to them. In addition, prospective clients can click “Reserve Now” to get a quote and book their transportation service.


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