Kingwood PublishingKingwood, TX - February 15, 2016 - Over the years, Discover Web Solutions has been growing. Not only is the company designing and hosting websites, but it has also been creating graphics, business cards, and other personalized office supplies for clients. In addition to this, the company has also started publishing books. As a result of the amount of work, it was necessary to create another company specifically for publishing books. The result was Kingwood Publishing.

Kingwood Publishing specializes in formatting and publishing printed books and e-books. The company also has capabilities in graphic design and editing finished books. Advice on marketing is also a service the company provides. With the advent of self-publishing, authors are usually unaware of what is needed to publish a book. Kingwood Publishing helps educate anyone who aspires to be an author.

Discover Web Solutions designed the website for Kingwood Publishing. The website provides books that have been published by Kingwood Publishing and is currently working to sell the books on and other online bookstores.

About Kingwood Publishing

Kingwood Publishing was founded as a way for authors to publish their books through a publishing company instead of using their own name or hassle of creating and maintaining their own publishing company. A self-published author can have the name of a publishing company associated with their works. Anyone is welcomed to publish their book through Kingwood Publishing.

If you have a book that you would like published, please contact Kingwood Publishing, and they can help you get it published!

About Discover Web Solutions

Since being established in 2007, Discover Web Solutions has been providing Web site designs and Web site applications along with unparalleled customer support. The combination of our services, pricing, and friendly way of conducting business are unique in today's business world.


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