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CONROE, TEXAS, NOVEMBER 28, 2017 - The team at Insulation JB has just launched their newly updated website. When visitors reach the Insulation JB website, they are now greeted with a streamlined interface that has been designed to deliver an optimal user experience.

Insulation JB offers a range of insulation solutions for homes, including fiberglass blowing and batting, Armaflex, insulation extraction, weatherization, radiant barrier drilling and filling, decking, cover lights, hot walls and soft floors, and more. In addition, the Insulation JB team offers commercial white or black vinyl insulation. The company has been serving customers for nearly three decades, backing their services with premium materials, craftsmanship, and warranties.

When Insulation JB decided to update their website, the company chose Discover Web Solutions. The experts at Discover Web Solutions provide a myriad of web development and marketing services for businesses of all sizes. In this instance, the Discover Web Solutions team crafted an updated website that includes a new look and feel.

The Insulation JB website’s domain was moved to Discover Web Solutions servers, along with the hosting services. Discover Web Solutions installed a new content management system (CMS) to ensure that Insulation JB can easily update their website on their terms. This also makes it easier for Discover Web Solutions to quickly update the website again, if needed.

The newly updated website is also responsive, meaning it can easily be accessed and viewed across a spectrum of devices. Users browsing from tablets, smartphones, and desktops can do so with ease - and the assurance that they are viewing the Insulation JB website in its entirety.

The Insulation JB website is up and running, and visitors can now browse services, learn more about the company, and request a quote at

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