CleanAir Catalyst, Inc.Trophy Club, TX - June 29, 2016 - Discover Web Solutions has just designed a website for CleanAir Catalyst, Inc. The CleanAir Catalyst is a device that can decrease in fuel consumption by 10%. The catalyst will not contribute any substance, metallic or otherwise, to the fuel. The catalyst is installed after the secondary fuel filter and before the engine fuel pump and will not affect certification of engine. The catalyst works with both old and new style fuel systems. Age of the engine is not contingent on the catalyst’s performance. It extends engine life by removing and/or preventing carbon build up on critical internal engine parts, and reduces carbon particulates, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and NOx, thru catalytic conversion of the fuel before it enters the combustion chamber.

About CleanAir Catalyst, Inc.

The CleanAir Catalyst/enhancer is a patented, retrofitted device used to reduce PM, CO, HC, and NOx uses the Electrochemical Liquid Vortex Ionization System. This system breaks down the long chain hydrocarbons. The engine burns 100% of the fuel with no buildup of carbon inside the engine or exhaust system.

The Retrofit Device is the latest design of technology that has been tested, evaluated, and demonstrated since 1987. The device installs into the fuel line, after the secondary fuel filter. Independent dyno tests have shown an increase in horsepower and torque readings, while dropping particulate matter, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and NOx significantly. Diesel engines show a reduction of smoke almost immediately. The Catalyst is harmless, with no maintenance required after installation and lasts forever. It is the goal of Cleanair Catalyst Inc. to reduce harmful emissions and offer a solution that is efficient, effective, and affordable for the diesel engines while helping to clean our environment. The Catalyst works as well at idle as it does under a full load. As long as the fuel is flowing, the unit is performing and will not alter the fuel line pressure, temperature or flow rate to the engine. Do not install on equipment using fuel additives for algae treatment or spark elimination on locomotives.

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