Pro Touch Sports Debuts Leading-Edge Upgraded WebsiteNew site features immersive features and SSL technology for security

DALLAS, TEXAS, JULY 23, 2019 - The team at Pro Touch Sports has announced the launch of a brand new upgraded website that offers a more immersive experience for visitors while also accurately reflecting the company’s evolving brand.

Pro Touch Sports began as Pro Touch Soccer, a company that organized soccer leagues, but now, Pro Touch Sports will be offering the same great services for both soccer and flag football. Adult and youth leagues are forming in both currently.

The Dallas-based company chose locally owned and operated marketing firm Discover Web Solutions to oversee the branding and upgrading of their website. Discover Web Solutions was able to swiftly give Pro Touch Sports a brand new online look and feel.

The new website is mobile-friendly, meaning that people who come to the website via their tablets or smartphones can easily access all the site’s features. In addition, forms have been added to the new Pro Touch Sports website to let people sign up for tournaments, leagues, and more.

Pro Touch Sports also has a facility in Frisco, and they are currently inviting people to learn about and sign up for soccer camps, their 12-week Elite 90 Skills program, and Flag Football FNL. Tournaments and leagues are also forming. People who want to rent out the Pro Touch Sports facility for private events and parties can do so, with all the details available on the new website.

The new Pro Touch Sports website even offers a full list of the rules of play, including number of players, substitutions, kits, ejection, the field, and more.

Pro Touch Sports is thrilled to launch their new website and looks forward to seeing more and more local soccer and flag football players stop by for skills training, camps, tournaments, and more. More information can be found at Pro Touch Sports.

Details about the website developer can be found at Discover Web Solutions.

Agua Klara Debuts Safer, Sleeker New WebsiteFresh site features new logo and online appointment scheduling

HOUSTON, TEXAS, MAY 29, 2019 - Agua Klara was founded by Jocelyn Salazar to help people look and feel their best, and now, the spa is offering a website that makes it easier than ever for prospective and existing clients to go online and schedule appointments, explore services, and more.

At Aqua Klara, clients can choose between spa solutions including express facials, full facials, chemical peels, hydra facials, cell recovery facials, eye rescue treatments, decollete treatments, nu face full toning, lip treatment, and a number of makeup services including full look and special occasion options.

When clients visit the Aqua Klara now, they land at a homepage that is sleek and streamlined. The new website makes it simple for visitors to navigate from page to page, learning about each service, the company, the founder, and more, and clients can even schedule appointments directly through the website through a built-in Square portal. As they browse, visitors can rest assured that the new Aqua Klara website is safe - it has been built with the latest SSL, or secure socket layer, technology.

Discover Web Solutions spearheaded the Aqua Klara website design, ensuring a fresh new logo, secure website, streamlined design, and built-in appointment scheduling portal. The team at Discover Web Solutions has worked with countless businesses and organizations across Texas to ensure that these local companies get the best online traction possible in a highly competitive digital environment.

The new Aqua Klara website will make it easier for clients to find the company while conducting local searches from various devices, as well as ensure that they are able to get the services they want with online scheduling opportunities.

Aqua Klara is thrilled to unveil their new website and new logo. More information can be found now at Agua Klara Spa.

Details about Discover Web Solutions and the various web development services offered by their company are available at Discover Web Solutions.

Mega Mex Unveils Brand New Website DesignSleek new design and easy to use features offer simple, streamlined resource for clients

HUMBLE, TEXAS, MAY 28, 2019 - The team at Mega Mex recently unveiled their new website, which features a streamlined layout that makes it easier than ever for prospective and current clients alike to discover more about the company’s offerings.

Since 1990, Mega Mex has been a leading metals distributor and exporter specializing in alloys. When it comes to nickel, stainless steel, carbon, and other alloys, Mega Mex provides world-class solutions in product forms including plate, pipe fittings flanges, sheet, bar, tube wire, and weld wire. With solutions that include heat resistance and corrosion resistance, Mega Mex offers products for various industries.

Recently, Mega Mex joined forces with the team at Discover Web Solutions with a mission of creating a brand new website.

Discover Web Solutions is an area leading web development company specializing in website design and development. As part of the Mega Mex website redesign, Discover Web Solutions integrated an impressive “Request a Quote” feature in both English and Spanish. In addition, Google Analytics and tracking code were implemented. The new Mega Mex website is now mobile-friendly to ensure that visitors can easily browse the site from virtually any device.

On the back end, Discover Web Solutions also moved the Mega Mex website from one server to another to ensure optimal run time.

Now, when clients come to the Mega Mex website, they are greeted by a simple interface that lets them easily navigate and learn about the various alloys offered by the company, tools, fabrication, the company’s history, and more. The new website will make it easier for people to contact Mega Mex and get started on orders. Plus, a chat tool lets visitors seamlessly communicate with the company’s team to ask questions, schedule appointments, and more.

Details about Discover Web Solutions can be found at Discover Web Solutions. More information about the team at Mega Mex is available at Mega Mex.

24 Hours Taxi Cab Service in Humble, TX, Receives Updated Website Layout and Security FeaturesPremier around the clock cab company’s website is sleek with leading-edge features

HUMBLE, TEXAS, MAY 22, 2019 - The team at 24 Hours Taxi Cab Service has just unveiled a new website layout, which was implemented by the company’s long-term partner in web development, Discover Web Solutions.

24 Hours Taxi Cab Service is a leader in local taxi services, offering clean, safe cabs and highly professional staff members. Each cab features certified meters, GPS, and digital cameras for enhanced safety. Four passengers can ride for the price of one at 24 Hours Taxi Cab Service, and wheelchair accessible vehicles are available upon request. With an emphasis on comfort and punctuality, 24 Hours Taxi Cab Service is a go-to taxi service in the area.

The company proudly serves Kingwood, Humble, Atascocita, New Caney, Porter, Huffman, Kenswick, Summerwood, and Foxwood.

When visitors arrive at the 24 Hours Taxi Cab Service website, they are greeted by pages offering in-depth information in terms of fares, service areas, destinations, booking, services, and how to contact the company. Clients can even go to the website to schedule their pickup with the integrated booking tool.

Discover Web Solutions created a new and improved layout for 24 Hours Taxi Cab Service that is easier to navigate than ever while offering stunning imagery and content. In addition, the Discover Web Solutions has helped make the website even safer with SSL (secure socket layer) technology.

24 Hours Taxi Cab Service is proud to offer clients amazing transportation options at affordable prices, and the company is also excited to make it easier than ever for existing and prospective clients alike to learn more about the company and schedule bookings.

More information about the web developer can be found at Discover Web Solutions. Details about 24 Hours Taxi Cab Service are available at 24 Hours Taxi Cab Service.

Prelude Tours Launches New Website for Trips to Greece and IsraelNew website is sleek and easy to use, offering in-depth information about scheduling trips and more

PORTER, TEXAS, MAY 21, 2019 - The team at Prelude Tours recently joined forces with Discover Web Solutions to create and launch a brand new, safer, sleeker website.

Houston-based Prelude Tours was founded by husband and wife Jeff and Sarah Bennett to help others enjoy trips to Christian meccas. For instance, groups with Prelude Tours have enjoyed unforgettable moments such as singing “Amazing Grace” atop Switzerland’s Mount Pilatus and singing during Good Friday mass at St. Mark’s Church in Venice.

Now, when visitors arrive at the Prelude Tours website, they are greeted by a streamlined new design that lets them easily scroll through and find more information about upcoming tours, trip insurance, testimonials, and contact information for the company. In addition, visitors can choose to sign up for the Prelude Tours mailing list directly from the website now.

Prelude Tours has been a client of web developer Discover Web Solutions since 2016. Discover Web Solutions works primarily with local small and medium-sized businesses to help ensure an optimized web presence that draws traffic. In today’s digital age, more and more people are using their smart devices to search for local businesses, and having a strong and optimized web presence is critical for companies of all sizes. Discover Web Solutions has not only redesigned the Prelude Tours website, but they have also worked to help aid in the company’s digital marketing strategies.

Another major issue for websites is safety. Discover Web Solutions has integrated leading-edge safety solutions into the Prelude Tours website, including SSL (secure socket layer) to protect the website from malicious hackers and bots.

More information about Discover Web Solution can be found at Discover Web Solutions. Details about Prelude Tours, including upcoming tours to Greece and Israel from Houston, are available at Prelude Tours.

FEAT-Houston Website Saved from Hackers and RecreatedNew website features resources, events information, and more

THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS, MAY 14, 2019 - The team at Discover Web Solutions recently created a brand new website for the non-profit organization FEAT-Houston. The new website was created for free as a way to give back to the community. FEAT-Houston’s previous website had been taken over by hackers and bots to the point to where none of the original information was accessible. Discover Web Solutions was able to use a tool called the Wayback Machine to retrieve the original content from the website.

FEAT-Houston was created by a group of families who’d been touched by autism with a mission of helping other kids and families. Today, the non-profit organization assists kids with autism by helping them learn through applied behavioral techniques. FEAT-Houston offers a number of workshops; DVDs; resources for families, teens, adults, and professionals; research and references; and more.

The new website offers easy access to all of this information, as well as a directory for ABA providers, a portal for making donations to support FEAT-Houston, and more.

According to Discover Web Solutions, the new FEAT-Houston website was created with security tools to help ensure hackers and bots can’t access it. Https implementation, as well as administrative tools, are now in place to keep the website safe and secure.

The new website offers a streamlined design that is easy to use while also offering engaging aesthetics, including imagery and sleek content. People who are interested in learning about ABA or new techniques for helping children with autism can find a wealth of information at the new FEAT-Houston website. The website’s visitors can also sign up for the e-mail newsletter to stay up to date on the latest news from FEAT-Houston.

“We are committed to improving the quality of life of those affected by developmental disabilities by increasing resources and providing information about ABA,” said the team at FEAT-Houston. More details about the organization can be found at FEAT-Houston.

Information about Discover Web Solutions, the Texas-based web developer behind the new site, can be found at Discover Web Solutions.

Fit N4 Fitness Unveils New Website and LogoCompany offers short, effective workouts for busy professionals and parents

KINGWOOD, TEXAS, MAY 7, 2019 - Fit N4 Fitness is pleased to unveil a brand new website and logo as part of their new branding campaign.

Fit N4 Fitness was created by a busy mom for other parents and professionals who are struggling to balance their hectic lives. Most adults today are raising kids, focused on careers, and living busy day to day lives that leave little time to spare. For those who want to work on fitness, going to the gym can be too costly in terms of time and money.

That’s where Fit N4 Fitness is different. Their company offers short four-minute workouts focused on cardio, lower and upper body, and core exercises. HIIT workouts offer modifications so that users can easily scale their workout to be more challenging as needed.

Recently, Fit N4 Fitness decided to have a new website and logo designed to help boost their branding, and they turned to the team at Discover Web Solutions, LLC.

Discover Web Solutions, LLC is a Texas-based digital marketing and development company that works with clients to create powerful online presences via websites that work seamlessly on virtually any device. Discover Web Solutions, LLC joined forces with the team at Fit N4 Fitness to create a brand new, sleek website that would help moms and professionals seeking in-home exercise options to find their programs.

The new website makes it easy for visitors to explore plans, sign up, meet the trainer, and more.

In addition, Discover Web Solutions, LLC created the new logo found at Fit N4 Fitness. This new logo is currently being used across Fit N4 Fitness marketing initiatives.

More information about the web developer behind the new site and logo for Fit N4 Fitness can be found at Discover Web Solutions, LLC, while further details about cost-effective, results-oriented, in-home exercise plans are available at Fit N4 Fitness.

Certified RV Inspections Website Offers Sleek New UpdatesKaty-based RV inspection company making it easier than ever for consumers to find and use their website

KATY, TEXAS, APRIL 4, 2019 - The team at Certified RV Inspections has just released brand new updates to their website in an effort to upgrade their site’s looks and make it easier for prospective customers to view and use the site.

Certified RV Inspections is based in Katy, Texas, and stands as one of the area’s most premier RV inspection companies. Customers can receive pre-sale inspections, warranty/insurance inspections, and fluid analysis for engine, transmission, and generator fluids. All of these services are offered with the height of professionalism, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness.

The Certified RV Inspections website was recently updated by the team at Discover Web Solutions. This Texas-based digital marketing company provides local businesses with new website designs and updates for existing websites, as well as app development solutions.

As part of the recent update, Discover Web Solutions converted the Certified RV Inspections website theme from red to green. Other changes included replacing the main image on the home page, making the home page mobile friendly, updating the SEO, updating security, and making the website load faster than ever. This makes it easier for prospective and existing customers to come to the website and quickly find what they are looking for.

Prospects and customers can visit the Certified RV Inspections website to read more about the company; read more about the wide range of inspection services offered; research pricing; see the website’s gallery; read frequently asked questions; and more.

According to Certified RV Inspections, they are available to help people discover their roof condition, look for prior water damage, and more before or after the purchase of RV. Customers and prospects alike can simply go to the website from their smartphone and click “Contact Us Today!” to instantly call the company.

More information can be found at RV Inspections.

Further details about Discover Web Solutions is available at Discover Web Solutions.

J&G Tapiseria Auto Upholstery Receives Website FaceliftHouston’s premier auto upholstery company offers wide array of professional solutions for cars, trucks, boats, and more

HOUSTON, TEXAS, MARCH 10, 2019 - The team at J&G Tapiseria Auto Upholstery has announced the official launch of their brand new website design, which offers a visual presentation of the upholstery solutions offered by their team.

At J&G Tapiseria Auto Upholstery, customers can receive a number of professional upholstery services. For example, the company’s auto upholstery services include seats, interior carpets, headliners, convertible tops, vinyl roof covers, dashboards, and door panels. In addition, the team at J&G Tapiseria Auto Upholstery offers upholstery services for boats, 18 wheelers, furniture, restaurants, and much more.

Now, when prospective clients visit the J&G Tapiseria Auto Upholstery website, they are able to see before and after photos, galleries, and more that depict the quality of work they can expect from the company’s highly qualified and trained staff members. If a visitor decides to reach out to the J&G Tapiseria Auto Upholstery team with questions or to schedule a consultation, they can seamlessly do so through the website’s built-in contact feature.

Ish Buys Homes Helps Property Owners Sell Houses FastNew company offers fast closing and fair market value cash offers

HOUSTON, TEXAS, JANUARY 7, 2019 - Ish Buys Homes recently launched in the Houston area, offering a new alternative for property owners who want to sell their houses fast.

With Ish Buys Homes, homeowners can sell their properties fast, with closing in just 7-10 days. Ish Buys Homes is unique in its ability to negate closing costs and speed the closing process while offering fair market value cash offers to clients.

Clients come to Ish Buys Homes in a number of situations, ranging from divorce to sour rentals to overwhelming repairs, and they are offered fair cash offers to help them get out of mortgages fast.


For a free quote or if you have any questions, please contact us.